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(version 1.0 released on 3rd May 2009, last update 20 May 2009, in English) draft onfly demo implemented for Kunming 16th World Antrhopology Congress: thanks to Cherry and Mushihua!

(29th June 2009, in English) project and propose for a Dongba Manuscripts annotated corpus according to TEI standards

(last update July 2008, in Italian)

(xml document, last update 23rd September 2008, in Italian)

(last update 18th September 2008, in Italian)

(last update 21st August 2008, according to TEI recomandations: in Italian.)

Nàxī ethnic, Dongba tradition, pictographic and Geba manuscripts tradition study notes



My focus here is about study Naxi people history and Culture and Dongba tradiction with particular attention focused about Dongba pictographs and Geba syllable-graphs writing systems, both of manuscripts tradiction of Naxi people.

I'm going to apply digital technologies working on 2 focal projects:

On left menù the main resources are listed: CL.A.U.D.I.A. and Do.M.En.I in English, whilst other pages yet just in Italian at today.

Version 2.0 ( 22 October 2008 )

Naxi, Dongba and me

I first met Naxi culture and Dongba tradition in the summer of 2005, douring a pleasure trip made with Riccardo Pattarino and his family around Sichuan and Yunnan: one of the target of our trip was Lijiang, capital of Naxi minority and actually Dongba tradition main centre.

Lijiang is stupend city of Yunnan province of China, and had millenary history I'm tryng to rebuild feet by feet by some researches works, and also by some luky findings and meetings:first of all Joseph Francis Rock books and study notes, Dragan Janekovich and Francesca Freeman meeting, then also by Alessandro Ferro, Mademoiselle Barbara Anzivino, Prof. Ester Bianchi, Prof. Antonio Fracasso, doct. Alexis Michaud, my brother Francesco Zamblera and many many others who helped and are helping me in my research works.

This Dongba session of Xiulong is thought and made to gather and dispose the whole scrappy works I made 'till today, and I'm carryng on like sin this work! So xiulong/Dongba is thought to be updatable and riarranged as soon as I can and need, but the main skeleton of session I'm going to preserve are going to be like today.