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Sources and resources available



At today there are some works focused about Naxi people and Dongba tradition.

Initiatives are particularly dedicated to Dongba manuscripts tradition and pictographic writing system, and sources are at most represented by monographs and specialized papers scholars can retrieve from academic institution and libraries.

There are also some important online initiative, focused about publishing digital reproduction of selected corpus of Dongba manuscripts as representative sample-group from their collections.

Resources available: paper material


Plenty of resources are available as paper publications: among them I had the possibility to retrieve some pictographs dictionaries and Pinson's modern Naxi lexicon, plus some other works about Naxi people culture as: their history, history of art, religious tradition and modern language.

Pictographs dictionaries (chronological order)
Naxi people, language, culture and traditions bibliography

Others fundamental works focused about modern Naxi language, dialects, history, society and religion, etc...:

Useful material could be also retrieved by consulting

Collection of manuscripts in western institutions

Dongba manuscripts tradition also expressed by a copious production of manuscripts written both by pictographic and syllable-graphic writing system: at today some thousands of manuscripts had survived to injuries of history, and among them Jackson & Anshi state that 5118 manuscripts are actually conserved in western libraries institution (Oppitz M., Hsu E., 1998: 240).

Interesting would be to work for a complete census of Dongba manuscripts in just-listed institution collections also just for statistic index, and expand such census to all western institution, wandering if there's other hidden resources of pictographic manuscripts: Do.M.En.I. project also contemplates such census activities.

Resources available: online resources


Two institutions among them previously introduced published independent online resources, both consisting in a representative corpus of digital images of their manuscript's collection organized by ceremony name

Do.M.En.I. project is focused to apply TEI standard encoding system to get digital facsimiles of manuscripts and implementing completed annotated corpora from digital images gallery of manuscripts: please visit Do.M.En.I. dedicated intro page.

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