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Sperimental draft works & study notes

(last update July 2008, in Italian)

(xml document, last update 23rd September 2008, in Italian)

(last update 18th September 2008, in Italian)

(last update 21st August 2008, according to TEI recomandations: in Italian.)

Drafts, study notes and experimentations



This section of gathers heterogeneous material, all about Naxi people and culture and Dongba tradition study.

When I started study subjects like "Naxi culture", "Dongba tradition" etc..., I immediately understand that I was approaching to a wide gamma of arguments and thematic.

Many works available (pls., cfr. available resources) sincerely enriched me and gave me something I feel precious and true about Naxi people history, Dongba tradition, manuscripts and their writing systems. According to Mathieu I feel previously works as land-mark opera to look at, getting precious elements and different point-of-views for a personal step-by-step wider comprehension of Naxi people and history of human cultures of Lijiang region.

While I was studying material collected from everywhere, I used to wrote down my notes and try some draft-works, like TEI experimenting for Dongba manuscripts encoding and IMT - Image Markup Tool for manuscripts page close markup.

At today, thanks both to the scores and the flops of such attempts, my study is focused about:

and I develop two main projects:

CL.A.U.D.I.A. and Do.M.En.I. both are sperimental works, but well sctructurated and oriented to better-defined scores.

In this section I'm collecting drafts-works and study notes previous to CL.A.U.D.I.A. and Do.M.En.I., documenting how and whence CL.A.U.D.I.A. and Do.M.En.I. sprout out.

On left menù a chronological resources index available: 99% of pages are just in Italian.

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