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Nine dragons gonna twist in Mestre – Matite in Viaggio 2012

TweetThe Scroll of the Nine Dragons – Carnet d’etude Last news I had from the friend Andrea Longhi was about my Carnet focused on the Scroll of the Nine Dragons, a Carnet of study consacrated to the masterpiece of 陈容 Chén Róng. Here follow the presentation I’ve written for an eventual future edition of the […]

女書 Nu Shu: la scrittura intima delle donne dell’Hunan, di Francesca Rosati Freeman

TweetSono davvero felice di poter pubblicare su Chabuduo questo articolo stupendo. Vibrante! Scritto da Francesca Rosati Freeman, autrice del libro “Benvenuti nel paese delle donne. I Moso: un viaggio ai confini del Tibet” che verrà a breve pubblicato dalla XL Edizioni. Ho avuto la fortuna di conoscere Francesca proprio durante la stesura del suo libro, […]

Leabhar Cheanannais decorations and Iconography

TweetThis TEI – Xml page is dedicated to Iconography and decorations study in my work dedicated to Leabhar Cheanannais. As first I mean to introduce some decoration motifs of Kells and its artistic background to identify patterns, motifs, styles, influences and inspiration: ornaments repertoire employed in Leabhar Cheanannais had long been in development in manuscript […]

Leabhar Cheanannais, the Book of Kells

Tweet Session dedicated to Leabhar Cheanannais, VIII century evangelarium; here to skip to Leabhar main page. My focus is study, encoding and digital facsimile reproduction of one of the most important and beauty evangelarium of the whole world. Because of complexity and dimension of Leabhar Cheanannais, work will take long long time, but…man man lai!. […]

Writing systems in Lijiang

TweetNaxi ethnic people developed 2 different writing systems, Dongba pictographic and Geba Syllabic writing. Their origins, and their chronological relationship is doubtful and much discussed by scholars which could be devided in 2 main group: one believed millenary origins of pictographic writing system (as J. Rock and some Chinese scholars), the other group supported that […]

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