New Trend of Naxiology

New Trend of Naxiology

Dalie Guo  Yun nan Academy of Social Sciences

Since 1907 when J.Bacot, the first French scholar who studied the Naxi culture , had published his book entitled  “ Les Mosso” , more than 100 years past. During the 100 years, around 1000 scholars have published more than 3000 articles or books related to the Naxi. After Lijiang Old Town has been inscribed on the list of World Cultural Heritage Sites in 1997, the main residents of the heritage site– Naxi and its culture, gets more attention by the world.  There are more international cultural exchanges, and more young scholars from domestic and abroad countries have involved themselves in the study of Naxiology, that brings a new trend for Naxiology :

1. a study that insists on the ideology of “man- centered”, promotes sustainable development, properly manages the relation between culture preservation and tourism development and promotes “Lijiang model” heritage site preservation;

2. a study that constructs harmonious culture, supports public culture affairs, supports succession of ethnic culture, simultaneously  encourages culture invention and promotes ethnic culture industries;

3. translated 100 volumes of Dongba ancient manuscripts in order to rescue this endangered culture, simultaneously strengthen the study of Dongba pictograms and Dongba culture;

4. a study on the social history by taking the Mu Clan of Naxi and Tea Horse Road as its main theme, simultaneously some related seminars have been held;

5. a study on the relation between varied ethnic groups on the border of Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet by taking Naxi and Tibetan relation as its main theme;

6. a new assessment to Naxi social and historical culture from political and juristic culture perspective;

7. a international study on ethnic groups related to “ Na” and their marriage system on the border of  Yunnan and Sichuan;

8. a systematic study on the literature and arts by taking Dongba myth and Naxi music as its main theme;

9. a study on research groups, discipline construction and science history;

10. a study on varied international co-operations and their related achievements.

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