A discussion of the preservation and exploitation of the Dongba culture

A discussion of the preservation and exploitation of the Dongba culture

He Limin,  Lijiang Dongba Institute

The paper is focusing on the discussion between the preservation and exploitation of the Dongba culture. It situates its debates upon the true nature of the Dongba culture, the achievements that we have attained in the past and the problems we are facing with. It is divided into four parts as followed:

The first part of the article is mainly concerned the historical meaning of the Naxi’s Dongba culture. The values and features of the Dongba culture can be appreciated into four ways. The first is its ancient feature that it can provide historical studies with a number of benefits, from where the Naxi’s culture can be understood deeply. The second is its uniqueness, which contributes our understanding of the origin of mankind and other relevant scientific research. The third characteristic lies in its abundant cultural facets upon which multicultural research and exploitation can be attained. The last one is its living feature, regarded as a living specimen of ancient civilization, offers value for ecological investigations.

The second part of the paper summarizes the situation that the culture has been confronted with since the late fifty of the last century, and in particular addresses the achievements that we have accomplished in the preservation of this dying ethnic culture, and in the process of exploitation carried out in the past few years.

The third section of the report discusses the problems that we have experienced. According to the author’s own field studies and information obtained in various investigations, the author proposes more than twenty social problems that actually exist currently. All of these questions are highly summarized from the real life of Naxi country, the cultural administration departments of the authority and the tourism industry.

Based on the problems and difficulties that the preservation of Dongba culture is facing with, the author put forward a number of policies correspondingly. In responding to those current problems, the author brings forward over twenty specific solutions accordingly, deducing from his objective investigations.

According to the author, the preservation and passing on the cultural relic is facing with many intractable difficulties and tasks. The key to all these difficulties is relying on our intelligence and courage. As long as we can deepen our understanding, broaden our view, take on the responsibility of passing on the torch of this unique human ancient civilization, it is possible to find out the key to resolving all those puzzles. A better conservation, exploitation and usage of the Dongba culture will enable this long-lasting cultural treasure serve for our human race continuously, in its most vigorous manner

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