Diversified Marriage and Cultural Background of Naxi

Diversified Marriage and Cultural Background of Naxi

He Zhonghua  YASS

Naxi is a small ethnic nationality, it only has 300,000 population, and the distributions are concentration mainly, separation subsidiarily. The Naxi lives in the area of the borders of Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibetan. The diversified marriages and the cultural connotations provide the lively verification for the evolution history of human being’s marriages. Meantime, they also show the relationships of social cultural changes and the styles of marriages and families.

1、Marriages and Families of Naxi are: different place has different styles, but included each other and impact each other.

There are several models of them: The family style is one husband one wife in the places where Lijiang and Baidi; walking marriage and matrilineal family in Yongning; There are the polyandruos families and polygamous families in Er Ya. But if observe the different phenomena carefully, we can find in one place, has multi-marriages or in same style has different connotation.

2. The reasons: the origin of Naxi’s marriage was pairing marriage and pairing families, the present marriages are the results of cultural changes. The changes decided by survival environment and cultural characters. For the people who lived in the open environment and easier absorbed other cultures, formed the style of “Derived marriage and family”; For the people who in close place, still keep the origin style (relatively). For the people who in the middle of both, has both characters. But it influenced by mainstreaming culture in this area.

3        Several  apocalypses

• The changes of marriage and family also keep to the rule of cultural changes, it is a dynamic system. For Naxi, it went through different history stages, from nomadic migration to agriculture ecesis; from kept original culture to absorbed other cultures then conflicted by stronger culture.

• The marriage and family style in actual life, they are the results through filtrated by history, culture and survival, they have own basement and rationality. We should recognize the difference of culture.

• Diversity of marriage and family reflected the diversity of human society and cultures, we need take au pair attitude to deal with them, and not seek novelty and snooty. Respect the differences of cultures, overcome the cultural interlayer should be the quality of anthropology.

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