The research about setting up an ecological Dongba culture reserve in Shuming

The research about setting up an ecological Dongba culture reserve in Shuming

He Rui

Culture dept. Jade Water Village eco-tourism company

To set up an ecological reserve, three elemental problems have to be solved in advance, which are who will in charge of the management to the reserve, how a villager to participate in the management and how to ensure the sufficient finance source. Since 1998, the former government of Lijiang county had proclaimed that there were six villages as ecological reserve, which are Tacheng, Ludian, Tai’an, Dadong, Daju, Miying. Apparently, the environment for preservation of Dongba culture is increasingly getting worse in these areas because of the three elemental problems we mentioned above had not been solved properly. Jade Water Village eco-tourism company limited is a multifunctional company and its subordination: state-level AAAA scenery spot Jade Water Village, Sandieshui hotel and West e-commerce travel agency company set up a Shuming ecological Dongba culture reserve within the range of six team of villagers on Shuming area to the Yilong committee of Tacheng village of Yulong Naxi autonomous county in June 2006, carried out a series of practice of cultural preservation and processed creative researches, offered the primary experience on preservation of ethnic ecological culture, it is warmly welcome and supported among the villagers. The company also suggested that the works of preservation of the ethnic ecological culture、the environment protection、the poverty alleviation and the accelerating to reconstruct the new village must be executed comprehensively and progressively.

Over the last year, Jade Water Village eco-tourism company limited had deployed the works on the Shuming reserve mainly are:

  1. Organized management committee and established the working mechanism for the reserve;
  2. Cultivated backbones for succession of ethnic culture;
  3. Carried out the protection obligation to every household;
  4. protected earnestly the grand conventions such as Sky Sacrifice;
  5. Organized the construction of infrastructure facilities.

In spite of that, the accomplishments on Shuming reserve made by Jade Water Village eco-tourism company, is just a good beginning. Shuming is located in a high and cold mountainous area, the low potential of agricultural production and the low income to the farmers due to its own topographic conditions. Thus it causes two obvious contradictions: one is now most of the young men get a job outside their hometown in order to live a better life, this phenomenon put Dongba cultural inheriting in a quandary; the other one is Shuming is surrounded by continuous mountain, the source of woods is abundant, which could be turn into quick money easily by some means. Therefore, wood stealing and the unauthorized behaviors to make money are unable to stop in a very short period, which also make the environment protection and Dongba culture survival a hard living.

Poverty is the root of the major problem we facing. To break through it we have to combine poverty alleviation and ecological Dongba culture protection. The company hereby brings up a new plan and makes it come into effect:

  1. Steering local people to develop commodity economy. The management committee will start to purchase green food from local at the end of this year, the price standard is higher than local market price, as the specific food source, the green food will be provided to the restaurant of Jade Water Village scenery spot.
  2. Actively achieve the support from relative governmental departments, devote to the development and protection of Shuming reserve, and make overall plans for ecological cultural protection and economy development.
  3. On the premise of the protection of ecological Dongba culture is carried out, we actively plan and develop eco-tourism projects, cultivate local tourism industry, optimize local industrial structure.
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