The First Naxi Who Study in France – Mr.Li Ruzhe

The First Naxi Who Study in France – Mr.Li Ruzhe

Mr. Li Ruzhe, a Naxi who was born in 1891. His home was in Guangyi Street in the Old Town of Lijiang, his family was a literary family, he was a diligent boy since he was still young. In 1912, he was matriculated by the English and French Academy of Kunming. And in 1913, as the highest score gainer, he was dispatched to Europe with Mr.Xiong Qinglai together by the Yunnan Provincial Government. After one year’s time to remediate the language in Paris, Mr.Li Ruzhe studied in the Political-economic Department in Fake University in Paris through examination. During the learning in France, his study areas related to political-economic, philosophy, history, methmetics. And he has the stonger ideality of save the nation by epistemic ways. Because studied hard, he got the phthisic and passed away in Paris in 1916, only 26 years old. Mr.Xiong Qinglai, the classmate of him wrote the epitaph for him. Mr. Li Ruzhe was the first Naxi people who study in France.

1,Mr. Li Ruzhe’s family background and time background;

2,The reasons and processes of study abroad;

3,Li Ruzhe and Xiong Qinglai;

4,Mr.Li Ruzhe’s acecdote.

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