Move to the "disappearance" or toward "shared humanity " – the road of the Naxi Dongba culture from 1949 to 21st century

Move to the “disappearance” or toward “shared humanity ”  –  the road of the Naxi Dongba culture from 1949 to 21st century

Lin Xiangxiao

Special adviser for Naxi School Research Institute of China Yunnan National Academy

From 1949 to 21st century, the Dongba religion as the carrier, the Dongba Scriptures as the quintessence, and Dongba as inheritors to the Dongba Culture, whether will the Dongba Culture move to “disappearance” or toward “shared humanity all share”? This is a very controversial and significant non-issue.

The “disappearance” allegation of the Dongba Culture was there at the beginning of the founding of new China, to the 1990s still reported. Its main argument was that: “In the current political system, Naxi religions are gradually extincting,” and “In the near period the Naxi Dongba will be unable to decode the literature”, “Lenin’s famous words’ religion is the people Opium ‘, in Lijiang it might be more pious implementation than in Russia “;  ” The Dongba religion has apparently become the hard things for the political capacity in socialist countries “; ” Dongba is in the final disappearance of the risk “,  ” the Dongba culture will soon disappear on the earth. ” According to these allegations, whatever is it the Dongba culture carrier or inheritors or the essence, which will soon disappear on the earth.

The “shared humanity” allegation of the Dongba culture, was proposed in “recommendation” for the application of the Dongba culture included in “Memory of the World Register” by China’s famous scholars Linjiyu in 2002, and wrote in the Book: “Dongba culture is a wonderful work in China’s many ethnic minority cultures, which is not only the valuable legacy of the Chinese nation, but also for all mankind to share the valuable cultural heritage. ”

Recalling the road of Dongba culture from 1949 to 2002, the event should be included in the “Dongba Cultural Events”, and in fact is milestone. In the first constitution of New China (Chinese People’s Political Consultative the “Common Program”) on September 1949, the fifth of the “People’s Republic of China have ……the right of freedom……of religious faith……”; article 52 is ” all ethnic groups have the freedom of developing their language, maintaining or reforming their customs and religion faith. ” On October 1950, in Dongba Lijiang County He fengshu was as a representative for Naxi Dongba religion to participate in the meeting of representatives of all nationalities in Lijiang area, and participated in the Bureau for the tens of thousands of people’s welcome congresses.

After 1957, the Chinese Communist Party”committed the ‘left’ mistakes,” “The ‘Cultural Revolution’ has actually become ‘ overthrow cultural life’ including ‘the eradication of religion’ campaign, and the lessons were profound and costly.” Till December 1987, the mistake “it is not in line with Marxism-Leninism, does not conform to the actual situation in China”, was beginning to be corrected. In 1981, the Yunnan Provincial Communist Party of China (CPC) Committee decided to establish the Dongba Culture Research Center in Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences. In 1991, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued a document in 1991 on the 6th file, “Mobilizing the whole party, all levels of government and all sectors of society to pay attention and concern to religious work and do a good job. So that the religious and socialist was in the same line.” This is the new thesis of the Marxist concept of religion applied to build a great practice of building socialism with Chinese characteristics.

On October 1999, the International Naxi School Branch was established in Dongba culture of the International Arts Festival in Lijiang, as well as academic conferences. From 1999 to 2000, “Ancient Naxi Dongba universe Complete Works” was officially published, to 2003 it was included in UNESCO’s “Memory of the World Register.” On December 2005, “Yunnan Naxi Dongba Culture Protection Regulations,” was officially promulgated and implemented. On December 2007, Hu Jintao, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary, stressed in the central collective study of the Political Bureau: “It is necessary to correctly understand and fully grasp the religious work in the new situation and new problems, and actively take the initiative to do a good job in the religious work, and promote the harmonious relations between religions”. This actually is the epitome of the course of the Dongba culture traveled over the last 50 years.

In short, the course of the Dongba culture has traveled over the last 50 years, in the final analysis, that is, the Dongba religion as a vector of the Dongba Culture, is adapted to socialist society Road; the Dongba manuscripts as the essence of the Dongba culture, was from the “not decode” to “can be any nationality scholars to study”; the Dongba as the Dongba cultural heritage, was also out from the “final Dongba” to the “contemporary Dongba”. After all, one thing: from the “disappearance” to move toward “shared humanity.”

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