The Nature and Cognition Mechanism of Naxi Dongba Characters

The Nature and Cognition Mechanism of Naxi Dongba Characters

Xie Shushu1, Zhang Jijia2

1 Ph.D., Department of Applied Psychology, Jimei University

2 Ph.D., Department of Psychology, South China Normal University

Naxi Dongba characters are close to picture writing or ideograph? In this research, taking advantage of cognitive methods, we compared the cognition processing features of Dongba characters, pictures and Chinese characters, explored the cognition mechanism of Dongba characters and concluded the mental representation and processing models of Dongba characters, pictures and Chinese characters.

The results showed that:⑴There are familiarity effect, concretion effect and typicality effect in Dongba characters processing. Complexity effect also existed in Dongba characters processing, but it only was found in inaccuracy. ⑵The investigation of the part effects in Dongba characters processing showed that:①There is constituent amount effect when processing high familiarity Dongba characters;②Dongba characters processing showed no eudipleural predominance on reaction time;③As the results put, the classificatory symbols of Dongba characters haven’t yet been ‘Yifu’ as in Chinese characters;④According to the exploration of the black Dongba characters, color played an important part in Dongba characters processing;④Phonological symbols of Dongba characters haven’t been ‘Shengfu’ as in Chinese characters. ⑶In classification task, there is no obvious difference between Dongba characters, pictures and Chinese characters. While in naming task, participants reacted faster and more accurate to Chinese characters than to Dongba characters and pictures. The reaction to Dongba characters and pictures showed no difference.

As the whole results put, with the discussion of the relation between the wholeness and the part of Dongba Characters, the roles classificatory symbols and phonological symbols played in Dongba Characters processing and other evidences, we concluded that Dongba Characters are characters which are now on the stage close to picture writing and are transferring in the initial course.

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