Under historical anthropology field of vision Naxi school record history research

Under historical anthropology field of vision Naxi school record history research

Yang Linjun

Lijiang, Yunnan Province Lijiang education College

Accepts the western learning is a famous doctrine which on the century 80’s later excitedly will emerge.The Naxi nationality has the profound history, delivers the soul route from the east Pakistan Confucian classics record to look, its migration route and the time are long.In the past studied the Naxi nationality history to use the sole history research technique, the literature is basically the center, the rigorous proof, has done the thorough research to the Naxi nationality history.Along with the literature material thorough research, piles very difficultly in the literature discovers the novel viewpoint.Actually, the entire history is facing the like this difficult position.Multi-disciplinary, the multi-domain cooperation research has become the scientific research the direction, the Naxi nationality history research also needs to profit from and to quote other disciplines the research technique.With the anthropology field investigation research technique, the union history original research way and the achievement, are becoming the history research the new direction.The Naxi nationality is a migration nationality, in the long migration on the way, the accumulation and the model and other nationality’s merit, generation of receives hands down from generation to generation, has become the present “the big culture”.Therefore, the Naxi nationality history research, should pay great attention to the field investigation the method, goes out the gateway, invests the field, feels historical the scene feeling.This article is divided three parts:

First, Naxi nationality history research achievement and difficult position.

Second,Historical anthropology fundamental research method and in history domain influence.

Third, Under historical anthropology field of vision Naxi nationality history research technique and breakthrough direction.

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