Analysis On The Cultural Ecology And Its Cultural Qualities Of The Intangible Cultural Heritage In Lijiang

Analysis On The Cultural Ecology And Its Cultural Qualities Of The Intangible Cultural Heritage In Lijiang

Zhao Peixi   Zhang bo  Lijiang Normal college

The intangible cultural heritages in Lijiang have rich resources, including languages, festivals, foods, religions and all kinds of folk art and manual techniques. To the end of February in 2008, a lot of heritages there have been ranked the different level intangible cultural heritages, such as two national, six provincial, forty-eight municipal and two hundred and fifty-eight county-level intangible cultural heritages.

From the perspective of the cultural ecology, it can be seen that the unique natural ecology of Hengduan Mountains is the premise of the intangible cultural heritages in Lijiang, which causes their style of “changing with each ten Li” and makes them keep firmly the traditional style of the local nationalities against the impact of the strong cultural currents today. At the same time, as the transitive station of “Chama Old Road”, the special geographical location makes Lijiang become the stage where all kinds of cultures intersect, penetrate and integrate. It also leads to the diverse culture in Lijiang. In addition, the continuous development, the different social organizations and economic forms of the nationalities there constitute the basis of the intangible cultural heritages in Lijiang. These formative mechanisms cause the intangible cultural heritages in Lijiang with the obvious characteristics of nationalism and diversity, and with the potential ones of heritability and flexibility.

Key words: Lijiang; the intangible cultural heritages; cultural ecology; characteristics

Summary: This article is a comprehensive overview for the China Journal Net ( retrieved journals and magazines (which is based on the journals from China’s core institutions of the music school), which also has been officially published in Yunnan dong Province, Lijiang City during the year 1979 to 2006. After a great deal of information research, I found that there are  number of features  concerned  about music in Lijiang City through different experts’views. Therefore, this article is focus on  the history ofdongjing music, the content ofdongjing music, the features of dongjing music, and the characteristics of the orchestraldongjing music. This article also classified those four aspects and summarized each.The purpose of this article is to comprehensively introduce the dongjing music to the readers and also provide the detail information about the dongjing music. Therefore, the reader can understand the dongjing music well.

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