Research on the traditional music of Na’xi ethnic group Zhangna 中央音乐学院

Research on the traditional music of Na’xi ethnic group

Zhangna 中央音乐学院

The traditional music of Na’xi ethnic group, also known as ‘baishaxiyue’, is one of the most important parts of the inherited traditional Na’xi music which includes ‘Dongba music’, ‘Boshixili’ and ‘Lijiang traditional music’. For a long period of time, the researchers of relevant disciplines have been concentrating on the indications of its name; its history tracks, its musical from and its historical and cultural values. As for the indications of the name, there are mainly two opinions including ‘baishaxiyue’ and ‘baisha music’. As for its history tracks, ‘baishaxiyue’ is the folk music derived from Na’xi ethnic group and it is the heritage sound of the Yuan people. It is also a great music that mixed with various sources of music. As for the musical form, ‘bashaxiyue’ is a kind of classical music set that contains dancing music, songs and instrument music. Its traditional performing processes start from ‘du’, followed by ‘zongshi’ ‘sansiji’ ‘aliligoujibo’ ‘meimiwo’ ‘duocuo’ ‘kacuo’ and ended by ‘mubu’. The main features of the musical form are the consistency between every second paragraph and the comparison between the neighboring paragraphs. If it is the chorus of eight musicians, the main instrument is bamboo and accompanied by singing and dancing. There is no company of the beating instrument and no rigid numbers of the band. This essay will mainly deal with the name indication, its musical forms and the recent research and conclusion.

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