Arras 2010: data, attestations and concordances

This resource contains all data relative to attestations I’ve made preparing my study focused on Naxi – Dongba pictographs with animals’ based iconography and directly associated to deities, which is the theme I’ve to develop for Arras 2010 Congress.

Among such attestations I’ve also included a  which resume and gathers all manuscripts dedicated or related to “Serpent-cult”: such sheet also contains a cross-reference plates among Joseph Rock and Harvard-Yenching numeration system, with available url of Harvard-Yenching online collection.

All item here listed are available as an htm page to be browsed, and as .xls ( Excell ) and .ods ( Openoffice ) editable files.

Study of iconographies and contexts directly form Naxi Dongba Manuscripts evinced many common aspects and features with Tibetan, Indian and Chinese tradition, thus I also implemented such cross-iconographics plates for crossing references among different deities attested.

See You in Arras…

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