Wise women and men among the Naxi people in south west China

Wise women and men among the Naxi people in south west China.

Anna Fäldt, Sweeden

This is a study based on interviews made with wise women and men among the Naxi people in south west China in 2006. The work of people similar to the ancient “sani” among the Naxi people is compared to practices used within shamanism. The study is based  on the situation now in modern times.

Purpose: To study to the sani and the Naxi people. To give an introduction to shamanism. To play down the mystic about spiritual matters and reveal a non physical world, real however not to all people. To see similarities and differences, features.

For shamanism the FSS (The Foundation for Shamanistic Studies) definition of core shamanism will be used. Researcher and anthropologist Michael Harner and his background will be mentioned, as well as other sources. Reference to work of Joseph Rock regarding his work with the wise Llubu-sani-pa of the Naxi people.  Specially portraying three women from Lijiang, Baidi and Yongning respectively.

Who are they? Background, beginning and situation of the individual. How did it start?  Naxi often had illness. Shamans are sometimes called “wounded healers” and have undergone traumatic experiences. Often they have spontaneous clairvoyant abilities all the time from childhood.

What are they doing? Healing treatments, psycho pomp work. Methods. Divination, precognition, search for information.

Why do they involve in these activities? What is the purpose with this activities. Help people in need. Help spirits of dead people. Help relatives and friends to deceased people. How are activities performed and with whom do they communicate? Methods of communication. Communication techniques. When and where are activities performed. When there is a need. When asked for. Education, courses. Situation of the individual, environment of activity. Role in society. Usually other ordinary job. Seldom full-time work with this. Known locally in the village and on distance by roamers. Urban shaman found on the Internet.

Conclusion: Interesting similarities and differences. Going deep enough and to see whether there are more that unites than what is separating?

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