Les signes d'animaux et de créatures mythiques en Orient et en Occident

This section is dedicated to the Congress entitled  “Les signes d’animaux et de créatures mythiques en Orient et en Occident” which is going to be attend in Arras, at the University of Artois; please cfr. the official agenda of the University of Artois and download the official program.

Actually in development, the focus of my contribute to such congress is about the main deity and divine entities expressed by pictographs having animals’ graphic core, into manuscripts belonging to Naxi Dongba pictographic tradition.

Being impossible for me to reach Arras during the 2 days of congress, my work is going to be presented by Mademoiselle Laura Benedikter, a precious help and friend who I’d like to thanks so much.

Believing in the necessity of available materials and studies focused on Naxi Dongba, I’m actually publishing data, attestations and concordances which I deduced by analyzing direct (manuscripts, scrolls, paintings and crafts) and indirect sources (Naxi – Dongba dedicated bibliography, expecially dictionaries and Naga – cult monographies of Joseph Rock).

I’ll publish also the hand-drafts which I took during my studies.

Florence 2010 April, the 29th


Many thanks to Mademoiselle Laura Benedikter, accepting to go in Arras and present my work; I was unable to attend the symposium because of work commits.

Actually Im working on the paper which has to be presented for the official pubblication of the acts of the congress. According to the “Recommandations aux auteurs” the paper has to be 35.000 characters at most and in French language, thus the work I’ve prepared in English of 165.000 characters has to be deeply cut and resumed.

Avoiding the dispersion of data which could be caused by cutting and resuming, I prefered to publish here the complete English paper,  also to rend my studies available to every scholar interested and/or dedited to Naxi people culture and Dongba tradition.

Please, browse the various chapters of the complete paper from top-header menù, or from the right frame menù; a list of contents with direct links is availale below:

Florence, 2010 July, the 23rd

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