New Horizons in Naxi Study

This section is dedicated to Kunming 2009 16th World Congress of Anthropology and Ethnology, held in Yunnan Daxue from 27th to 31st of July.

In this website I’m also going to gather all the preliminary resumes written for New Horizons for Naxi Studies panel; complete index of papers is available from this link.

About me: I was invited to partecipate to “New Horizons in Naxi Study” panel, presenting my research works and projects focused on Naxi people culture and Dongba tradition: many thanks to prof. Mu Shi Hua and special thanks to Cherry, alias Lou Lien Chu, director of GNCCS – Global Naxi Culture Conservation Society of Lijiang, Dayan Gu Cheng.

My work for Kunming 2009 is focused on 2 closely interrelated projects, both dedicated to the study of Naxi culture and Dongba tradition study: CL.A.U.D.I.A. (hence CLAUDIA), acronym for Computational and Updatable Dongbas Iconographic Archive, and DO.M.EN.I. (hence DOMENI) acronym for Dongba Manuscript Encoding Initiative.

CLAUDIA and DOMENI both well-insert into panel study main-theme, NEW HORIZONS, because both  are innovative systems for methodology of work, for resources used and for web implementation.

The CLAUDIA project aims at compiling an innovative dictionary of Dongba pictographs based on a new kind of classification following iconographic criteria, then at building a system of iconographic index plates directly linked to  the pictograph dictionary complete of contexts and manuscripts references. The CLAUDIA system builds upon previous Dongba dictionaries. It is an interdisciplinary system implemented with an eye to the study literature of other pictographic/hieroglyphic writing  as Egyptology and Mayan, thought and aiming for the dissemination and diffusion knowledge of the Naxi-Dongba pictographic tradition, to make it easier understand and enjoyed by novices.

The necessity of contexts available into Dongba pictographs study gave birth to DOMENI projects, closely interlaced and related to CLAUDIA: DOMENI project is focused on making of collections of Dongba manuscripts available for scholars and researchers as corpora of sources and as contexts for CLAUDIA:  DOMENI as CLAUDIA is thought to be realized both as printed edition and online web resources according to TEI standards recommendations for digital texts and corpora editions.

DOMENI aims first at making a complete census of already available collections of Dongba manuscripts, with a focal attention to Western collections, by making a single catalog as a converged index of sources. In the meantime the DOMENI project will look for unknown and/or hidden resources which can be updated  online into the general index.

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