IC 2574

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IC 2574 in HaR OiiiG OiiiB, William Optics Redcat 51, ASI1600mm Pro at Bin1, -20C: RGB subframes of 60″, Ha and Oiii subframes of 180″

Ha is used as integration of R channel, Oiii as integration of G and B channel by PixelMath, PixInSight.

IC 2574 (Coddington’s Nebula) – Intermediate Spiral(SABm) Galaxy in Ursa Major, an intermediate Spiral(SABm) Galaxy in the Ursa Major constellation, situated at about 17.000 Ly from us, appears close to the northern celestial pole and, as such, it is visible for most part of the year from the northern hemisphere.

It is an outlying member of the M81 Group and is currently forming stars; a UV analysis showed clumps of star formation 85 to 500 light-years (26 to 150 pc) in size.

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