Zio Mario nella vecchia casa in Via Tozzetti a Livorno

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Zio Mario nella vecchia casa in Via Tozzetti a Livorno

The day before my birthday some parents on mine came in Livorno to visit us!!! At time we still lived in our old home, so findin’ this pics means not just remember about my uncles, but means remeber about the palce where I lived and grew up for more then 20 years!!!

So…but who’s uncle Mario, Ilse and Claudio??? Well, Mario is twin brother of my mom grandpa Enzo; Enzo die when I was just a boy and so I like to see Mario because he remembers to me my grandpa, who was very very special person in my life! Claudio is Mario’s first sun, had with his first whife, dead various years ago, so Ilse is Mario’s second whife.

Ilse is German, and Mario went to live in Germany since a lot of time, while Claudio lives in Roma with his family..so you cna understand that have this 3 special characters of my life story is not usual…

Mario, Ilse and Claudio are very funny: Ilse is more silent and calm, while Mario and Claudius are very very noisy, make a bag of jokes and laughs making absurd sounds, but there’s one that all three make in the same way: eating!!!

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