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Portugal – carnet de voyage, copertina morbida

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Portugal, carnet de voyage

Carnet di viaggio sul Portogallo (Cascais, Praia do Guincho, Lagos, Sagres), riproduzione del taccuino originale su Moleskine album acquerello, copertina morbida, brossura. Libretto interno removibile con trascrizione dei testi. Pagina dedicata (in Inglese)


Me painting on my Carnet
Me painting on my Carnet

In the optical of a different approach to traveling, as for painting Carnet de Voyage, the study of local culture, artistic expression, language and history are paths which permit to start traveling into strange lands and let me escape from boundaries of the “different”: the latter start just outside myself and my daily abitudes.

Thanks to such approach I thus just can start travel times and times before phisically getting into voyage…; there are plenty of travels I’m sure I begun from very old time! Some of them since I have a memory, others I’m sure I’ll discover sooner or later.

Moreover, once I’m traveling, a minimal knowledge of local language, history and culture I feel to me as the more comfortable and the best form I may use to approach with a different way of traveling, a point of view which differs from the “normal” one of the tourist cliché.

I love going somehow little deeper into different cultures, even if I’m sure I’m just tasting little parts of a whole that requires other timing and focusing.

It is in this optical that the study of “a lingua portuguesa” has been the main activity I have made for the best part of 2012, study that took me very quickly in the lucky meet with Pessoa, Camoes and the Fado of Cristina Branco and Amalia Rodrigues.

About Camoes, it happened that some passages I naturally recalled to memory while walking into Lisboa, thus quote and put them into “Lisboa em Azulejos” Japanese Carnets.

Pessoa deeply hit me and impressed me so much with his caleidoscopic poetry. Often happened that the visions I attended in Portugal I often lived and expressed like the materialization of some of Pessoa verses, especially in front of lighthouses and other suggestive landscapes.

Praia do Guincho and Pessoa poem


Such deep empathy with Pessoa is probably due also by knowing his biography and dualistic life of comptabilist for profession and poet as a man, condition which I deeply feel to be also mine, and which immediately linked me deeply to the poet, and gives me others keys of reading his verses.


All these ideas thus materialized into these carnets also by using – with all my limits, imprecisions and mistakes – “a lingua portuguesa” and English respectively as the main and second language, with a drastic reduction of the use of my mother tongue.

It was not but a natural expressions and process, very similar to the one which took me to paint Lisboa in an azulejos reinterpretation.

Both are natural expression of my feelings and thoughts coming directly from my heart in front of the beauty of Portugal, a very different thing from a process of translation from a language (media) to another.
Other times, using of not Italian language could be simply the transcription of original sources and available documentations.


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