According to Andre B. [ ] who in turns referred to The Coldest Night [ ] narrowband channels integration and combination is subjective and could not coincide with a simple channel combination of Sii Ha and Oiii masters within an RGB implementation, as also suggested by Edoardo Luca Radice during CEDIC 2019; cfr. “Creating near true color images for nebulae from narrow band data using PixInsight” [ ]

    In my approach and attempt I used PixInSight > Pixelmath formula

    R = (Oiii^~Oiii)Sii + ~(Oiii^~Oiii)Ha
    G = ((OiiiHa)^~(OiiiHa))Ha + ~((OiiiHa)^~(OiiiHa))Oiii
    B = Oiii

    to generate IC348 integration and postproduction.

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