Thanks to Taras Prystavski contribute on Astrobin forum ( ) I retrieved from IRSA resource all available data from ZTF telescope focused about Neowise comet; cfr. IRSA / ZTF –

    PixInSight had some problem in platesolving because of peculiar fits header, thus also was impossible to perform image registration > comet registration.
    I thus worked just by star registration of the few subframes and then play an image integration for each filter: I assigned R channel to zr filter, G to zg and B to zi even I suspect other choose may be taken.
    After that I made starless and star version for each channel and integrate in pixinsight the starry master, and in photoshop the starless master handly stacking rgb comet.

    I finally played some photoshop tricks for pixel fixing, framing, dust lanes enhancing, etc…
    I would like a more wider field of view for a next attempt, but I confess to me is simply exciting and so so funny to make post-production over these enormous scientific quality data from such powerful instruments! As when I play with JWST or Hubble data (cfr. )  I’m simply totally stoked!
    Thanks again to Taras!!!

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