XIV Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage – Diary of board: 3rd day (final day)

二〇十三年  十一月  十七日

From the diary of XIV Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage in Clermont-Ferrand: 3rd day (final day)

The Drifter, Intro for Rendez Vous du Carnet de Voyage 2013, Clermont Ferrand
The Drifter, Intro for Rendez Vous du Carnet de Voyage 2013, Clermont Ferrand 

Many many special moments in this last day of Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage.

Today a lot of people come to my stand again and again for some dedication on my carnets, and I was so happy to see them and to feel my things so appreciated and valuated. Very very positive feedback from these day of funny and at the same time so beautiful work of painting melted with traveling and knowing people…

There’s a lot of things that I might say, but many of them are so fresh as impressions, deep as feelings and private as intimate that I may need some time to thinking about, assimilate, and then try an expression.

Many many thanks to all friends who supported me for the setting-up of material and printed edition of my works, especially the brother Marco Pallini Palmar for the printed edition of Portugal – Carnet de Voyage, and Gabriele Genini for his precious suggestions and support in printed edition of Japanese Carnet on the 9 Dragons, Lisboa em Azulejos and The Drifter.

About the latter, a special and immense thanks to Taylor Steele for letting me paintng over his stupend documentary – surf-movie “The Drifter”, and to Rob Machado to be “The Drifter”.

At least but not the last, many many thanks to IFAV association for their help, comprehension and patience, and support in these 3 days of Rendez-vous: I really have seen the huge work for all the people working in IFAV to organize, manage and finalize a very large number of painters and carnetists. A very very huge and well-done work for coordinate everything and everyone, making each one of us feeling just home far away from home… mercì a vous amis, à bientot!!!

I just stop this diary of board with a shortclip I prepared for the Rendez-vous, to be played in-loop at my stand, introducing the very experimental work I’ve did about “The Drifter” – Indo and Bali.

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