XIV Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage – Diary of board: 2nd Day

二〇十三年  十一月  十六日

From the diary of XIV Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage in Clermont-Ferrand: 2nd day

Chinese seal in the red clay
Chinese seal in the red clay

Second day of Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage is just passed.
This morning when I get out of the Hotel to make a good breakfast in the petit “Pâtisserie – boulangerie” just a few steps from here, the cold cold wind and rain of yesterday disappeared and it was a nice sun-rising.
Quickly setting up again my stand (n.118) with some change in disposition of my stuff, I start to meet people coming to Polydrome to watch the Rendez-vous, and I’m always so surprise from the high interest and the numerous question visitors use to ask about my work as carnetist.
Many many questions, many many differences among questions, but while hours passing by, and my eyes crossing with other people’s eyes, in my mind I start thinking about beauty of diversity…
I was impressed once again from the beauty in every single expression of the eyes of the guests of my stand coming to me and looking at my paintings…

I feel portait every second more and more the best best way to express all impressions I have from meeting people…; if I have time, I wish I can portrait everybody come in my life!!!

Day passed quickly between dedications, free-hand watercolors and visiting some friends’ stands.
I moreover found some really really strong inspiration for further works, buying some precious carnet from artist and the Rendez-vous, planning and dreaming some new project at every step.
Evening come quickly with the soft hug of a group dinner in the “Hotel de Puyis” in Clermont.
A white long cloth was disposed over each table, thus in a blink of an eye folks just start to paint on it, and I do to.

20131116_222445 20131116_222455 20131116_220833

It was 2 says that cutting some really few few free-time minutes after lunch to gather among stands, I was looking for the Spanish friend Luis Padron, and finally we met just at the table during the dinner,,, and this is one of the gift that I learn to appreciate, as to have the stand of the Russian friend Ivan Krasnobaev just in front of me.

Backing to my Hotel, we took a walk with the friend Ivan and speak really a lot about anything: religion, recent history of our country, politics, art, how’s living in our cities…
Another of the gift which I learn they are the most important for my life.
It’s now time to take a rest and wait ‘till tomorrow morning coming.


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