Boris Romanchenko

Portrait to Boris Romanchenko, oil on canvas – Procreate

Boris Romanchenko
​​96 years old,
​​Killed in his home in Kharkiv by russian bombing
​​He survived to nazi Buchenwald, Peenemunde, Dora Mittelbau and Bergen-Belsen
​​to find death thanks to Russian rockets fired against civilian buildings
​​during the “special military operation” to “denazify” Ucraina
​​Only who speech a little russian and lived in ex ussr country can understand the subtle coward treachery within this fact and the words used by putin and his goddamn power palace
​​Every media now is riding the “new” horse of outrage by Biden words against putin.
​​Maybe Biden had not to speak in this directly way, but are we barely realize what is happening and in name of what?

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