This work integrates a lot of subframes taken in each narrowband channel from March 2022 9th to September 2022 19th.
    After subframing weight by stars numbers and insepction I discarded about 30% of the whole data.

    Normal narrowband workflow followed ‘till Ha, Sii and Oiii single channel master integration; then I proceed with 2 channel combinations for SHO palette and HOO color mapping.
    SHO, HOO integration  and Ha master were then applied to Dynamic BG removal,  SPCol.Calibration (SHO and HOO) deconvolution and denoise.
    After stretching them all, SHO and HOO were worked by color filter mask and curves modification, denoised and finally submitted to StarXterminator for starless and stars layer; the same for Ha but without any color-mask/curves modification.

    I finally worked in Photoshop with starless under stars separate layer groups blending in screen mode, with local pixel fixing and necessary adjustements.

    Crop version focused about Lion Nebula.

    Complete framelist

    Photoshop master file here (pCloud drive) :

    .xisf PixInSight SHO integration master here (pCloud drive) :

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