Naxi and Dongba

My focus here is to study Naxi people history, culture and Dongba tradiction, with particular attention to Dongba pictographs and Geba syllable-graphs writing systems, both present into manuscripts' religious tradiction of Naxis of Lijiang (Yunnan - China).

Thanks to pr. Roberto Rosselli del Turco, this web resource is thought as the web publication of my works, and I organizated it into some themtic sections available from right side Navigation menù:

  • Introduction: where I introduce myself as scholar of Naxi culture and Dongba tradition, explaining how I got in touch with them.
  • Projects: this section gathers 3 main projects I'm working on.
    1. CL.A.U.D.I.A. achronim for Computational and Updatable Dongbas Iconographic Archive, project focused on implementation of an innovative pictographic dictionary founded on iconographic criteria and quoting attestations for each entry.
    2. Do.M.En.I. which stands for Dongba Manuscripts Encoding Initiative, dedicated to digital encoding of Dongba manuscripts according to TEI standards.
    3. CENSUS, focused on implementation of a world whide general catalogue of Dongba manuscripts.
  • Documents: this section gather some documents I wrote and I'm writing about Naxi people and Dongba tradition. Document selected will be open in a new navigation tab and layouted on white backgound, as simple note or draft-work of study.
  • Bibliography: this part list an update bibliography dedicated to Naxi people, Naxi culture and language, Dongba tradition and Lijiang history.
  • Experimental: during this years of study I implemented some experimental works. Here I'm publishing some of them which could be helpful for further developments.
  • Conferences: I thought this section as an archive of conferences and congresses I partecipated.
  • Publications: list of publications foucesd on Dongba, Naxi and digital humanities.

External links menù lists some external usefull websites links which are important resources to look at for study of Naxi culture and Dongba tradition.