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《潭腿圖說》 繪圖者:徐悲鴻 (1917) - Line 1 - drawing 6

TWELVE-LINE TANTUI Posted on January 27, 2013 by Paul Brennan – 拳術基本 潭腿圖說 BOXING ARTS FUNDAMENTALS – ILLUSTRATED HANDBOOK FOR TANTUI 何光銑先生演式 postures performed by He Guangxian 胡健先生编輯 text compiled by Hu Jian 上海中華圗書館印行 published by Chinese Library of Shanghai 民國六年五月出版 1st edition – May, 1917 繪圖者 宜興徐悲鴻 drawings by Xu Beihong of Yixing [In his early twenties at the time of the book’s publication, Xu was later to become one of the renowned painters of the 20th century. This book’s drawings are therefore a pric

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