Seasons Greetings!

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When not collecting images of the traditional Chinese martial arts, I occasionally hunt for vintage Christmas cards.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of Kung Fu Tea’s  readers!  Thanks so much for your support and feedback over the last seven years.  I think that Santa left me one or two martial arts related items under the tree.  Hopefully he did the same for you.

We will be returning to our normal posting schedule after the first week of January, but I might have one or two short articles to go up before then, so check back often.  If, however, you find yourself looking for some long-reads over the holidays, consider checking out one of these classic posts:


2012: Lives of Chinese Martial Artists (2): Cheung Lai Chuen (Part I).

2013: The Story of Ip Man’s Wooden Dummy

2014: 1928: The Danger of Telling a Single Story about the Chinese Martial Arts

2015: Five Moments that Transformed Kung Fu

2016: James Yimm Lee and T. Y. Wong: A Rivalry that Shaped the Chinese Martial Arts in America

2017: By Popular Demand: “Tradition” vs. Modernity in the Chinese Martial Arts

2018: Who “Killed” Kung Fu: Habermas and the Legitimization Crisis within Traditional Martial Arts

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