M42 region, LRGB

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Telescopi O Obiettivi Di Acquisizione
William Optics RedCat 51 Petzval APO
Camere Di Acquisizione
ZWO ASI 1600MM-Cool Pro
Skywatcher EQ35M
Astronomic 1,25″ Luminance · Astronomic 1,25″ Blue · Astronomic 1,25″ Green · Astronomic 1,25″ Red
ZWO 8x 1.25″ Filter Wheel (EFW)
ZWO ASIair Pro · Pleiades Astrophoto PinInsight · Lightroom · Photoshop · Astroberry
Telescopi O Obiettivi Di Guida
QHYCCD QHY Mini Guide Scope
Camere Di Guida
ZWO ASI 120MM Mini

M42 region in LRGB palette.

Dettagli d’acquisizione

Date:09 Dicembre 2021 ·  11 Dicembre 2021 ·  12 Dicembre 2021 ·  13 Dicembre 2021Pose:Astronomic 1,25″ Blue: 15×60″ (15′) (gain: 139.00) -20°C bin 1×1
Astronomic 1,25″ Green: 15×60″ (15′) (gain: 139.00) -20°C bin 1×1
Astronomic 1,25″ Luminance: 15×60″ (15′) (gain: 139.00) -20°C bin 1×1
Astronomic 1,25″ Red: 10×60″ (10′) (gain: 139.00) -20°C bin 1x1Integrazione:55’Dark:33Flat:33Dark dei flat:33Giorno lunare medio:8.00 giorniFase lunare media:56.33%Scala del Cielo Scuro Bortle:6.00

Risoluzione: 4506×3003

Luoghi: Home (balcony), Livorno, Livorno, Italia

Origine dei dati: Giardino

Astrobin: https://www.astrobin.com/snjdtk/

Astrometry: https://nova.astrometry.net/user_images/5847848#annotated

Wider field

M42 region, SHO palette

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Boris Romanchenko

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Portrait to Boris Romanchenko, oil on canvas – Procreate

Boris Romanchenko
​​96 years old,
​​Killed in his home in Kharkiv by russian bombing
​​He survived to nazi Buchenwald, Peenemunde, Dora Mittelbau and Bergen-Belsen
​​to find death thanks to Russian rockets fired against civilian buildings
​​during the “special military operation” to “denazify” Ucraina
​​Only who speech a little russian and lived in ex ussr country can understand the subtle coward treachery within this fact and the words used by putin and his goddamn power palace
​​Every media now is riding the “new” horse of outrage by Biden words against putin.
​​Maybe Biden had not to speak in this directly way, but are we barely realize what is happening and in name of what?

L’articolo Boris Romanchenko sembra essere il primo su XIUART.

Giulia e Anna Noa

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Portrait to Giulia and Anna Noa, oil on canvas – procreate

L’articolo Giulia e Anna Noa sembra essere il primo su XIUART.

Alnitak and Alnilam region SHO palette

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Semyon Kudrin

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Semyon Kudrin, oil on canvas – Procreate

Portrait to Semyon Kudrin, ​​4 years old boy s​hot killed ​​with his father, mother, 10 years old sister Polina, in their car while escaping in Kyïv from war.

L’articolo Semyon Kudrin sembra essere il primo su XIUART.

Polina Kudrin

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Polina Kudrin

Portrait to Polina Kudrin, oil on canvas – Procreate

Polina Kudrin, ​​10 years old Ucrainan girl ​​shot killed in Kyiv in her car with her father, mother, ​​4 years old younger brother Semyon, ​​while escaping

L’articolo Polina Kudrin sembra essere il primo su XIUART.

Cimetières des Carmes, Clermont-ferrand

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Clermont-ferrand, Carnet de voyage: Cimetières des Carmes

Watercolor on Arches paper – Procreate

L’articolo Cimetières des Carmes, Clermont-ferrand sembra essere il primo su XIUART.


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Portrait to Morgana, oil on canvas – Procreate

L’articolo Morgana sembra essere il primo su XIUART.

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