NGC3576 Statue of Liberty

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NGC3576 Statue of Liberty in SHO, with Sii and 20% Ha channels used as luminosity integration in SHO combinations, as according to Nik Szymanek approach to Sulphur-II Luminance Compositing.

Subframes of 300 and 600 seconds recorded between 19/06/2020 and 03/08/2021, retrieved from Telescopelive network: telescope Planewave CDK24 610/3962mm, camera Proline FLI PL 9000 CCD from El Sauce Observatory in Rio Hurtado Valley, Chile.

Data processed in PixInSight and Photoshop.

NGC3521 in LRGB

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NGC3521 Galaxy in LRGB 300 seconds subframes, Planewave CDK24 and QHY 600M Pro CMOS at -10C, from Rio Hurtado Valley observatory in Chile, Telescopelive Network.


LDN1355 “Helping Hand Nebula” in LRGB

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LDN1355 Helping Hand Nebula in LRGB, 600 sec. subframes at -25C by Takahashi FSQ-106ED with CCD Proline FLI PL16083, from Spanish IC Astronomy Observatory, Telescopelive network.

After cosmetic correction of calibrated subframes I realized 2 LRGB integration by PixInSight: the first one by Process > ColorSpaces > LRGB combination, and the second, after integrating RGB masters, by Script > Utilities > LinLRGB operating over L master and RGB just created one.

I thus proceed with a normal post production workflow for each integration: LRGB, LinLRGB, RGB and L master: bg removal,  platesolving, Spectrophotometric color calibration, Starmask, Deconvolution manual made, with Bg-mask and PSF obtained by EZdeconvolution, first denoising by EZdenoise, Stretching, 1st Dark Structure Enhancing, Starless and Stars version for each one, 2nd Dark Structures Enhancing just to starless, Color Masking and curves transformation (starless), final denosing and sharpening by NoiseXTerminator and BlurXTerminator (still just starless), .TIFF saving.

I finally rebuilt stars + starless image in Photoshop, applying adjustements to starless and star as separated layers group, melted in Lighten blending mode.

As I wasn’t satisfied nor by LRGB,

neither by LinLRGB results,

expecially because of Luminance and contrast, I thus move for another Photoshop workflow, with RGB starless and RGB stars, respectively associated to L starless and L stars luminance layer group, in luminosity blending mode, with dedicated adjustements and opacities setting.

I found this final postproduction better ther previous results, and thus move to a crop version to better focusing about LDN1355.


M20 Trifid Nebula in HOO palette

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Trifid Nebula in HOO palette. Single session of 300sec. subframes at -25 C., Planewave CDK24 and QHY 600M Pro, from Rio Hurtado Valley, Chile – Telescopelive network.


M20 Trifid Nebula in SHO

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Trifid Nebula in SHO, 300sec. subframes at -25 C., Planewave CDK24 and QHY 600M Pro, from Rio Hurtado Valley, Chile – Telescopelive network.


C/2020 V2 ZTF and NGC300

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Comet C/2020 ZTF approaching to NGC300 on 2023 October 16th and 17th.

LRGB data integration by 300sec. subframes with Takahashi FSQ-106ED (106 mm) F3.6 and CMOS camera QHY 600M Pro belonging to Telescopelive network.

IC342 in LRGB, single night session

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Galaxy IC342 in LRGB, single session, 2 subframes for channel, 600sec, Officina Stellare ProRC 700 with Proline FLI PL16803 at BIN2, IC Astronomy Observatory of Spain, from Telescopelive network.

A very hard postproduction because of few signal and not so good quality of data, but I really stocked into this processing.


NGC7023 LBN487 Iris Nebula in LRGB

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LRGB records for LBN487 and associated cluster NGC7023 by CMOS camera QHY 600M on Takahashi FSQ-106ED from IC Observatory in Spain, Telescopelive network.

Integration I choose as final and best one obtained by RGB master and Luminance master, both star and starless, post producted in Photoshop in separated layer group with local adjustements and blending mode.

Starless section received Luminance integration at 100% opacity in lighten blending mode; stars Luminance at 10%.

RGB version is just a stunning incredible starting point for image development of this amazing stunning nebula complex.


NGC7023 LBN487 Iris Nebula in LRGB Takahashi FSQ-106EDX4

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LBN487 and NGC7023 in LRGB, Takahashi FSQ-106EDX4 and Proline CCD FLI PL16083, subframes of 300sec at -25C from IC Astronomical Observatory of Spain, Telescopelive network.

I developed 3 different postproduction: an LRGB one directly developed after LRGB master integration in PixInSight.

I thus proceed to an RGB version and a final LRGB version where L channel, devided in stars and starless masters, I integrated into RGB star and starless layers group in Photoshop with different values, with stars contributing at 10% and starless Luminance at 100%.

RGB integration

Luminance starless master

Photoshop RGB and separated Luminance master available here:


Sh2-136 in LRGB

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An LRGB view for Sh-2 136 (VdB-141) reflection nebula in Cepheus.

600 seconds subframes recorded from IC Observatory in Spain by Officina Stellare ProRC 700 with Proline FLI PL16803 CCD camera at -25 celsius, retrieved from Telescopelive network.

Three different elaboration and L channel integration


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