Svbony SV106 achromatic guidescope 60/240

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This guidescope is a very versatile 60mm aperture 240mm focal, an f4 with a built-in helical focuser for precise focusing of potential guide stars.

EOS550d on WO61 Zenithstar guided by Svbony SV106 60/240mm guidescope all commanded by PHD2 & Kstars on Astroberry server (Raspberry Pi4b/4Gb)

It ensures that the main mirror accurately tracks the celestial body to be observed. I use this SV106 as a deluxe straight-through finder scope, but last nights of November, as I’m looking for the way I can realize a new idea, I tried it in astrophotography with an ASI120MC-S to understand in “pratical” how the camera is going to work with a field made by a 60/240 configuration.

Svbony SV106 60/240 guidescope with ASI120MC-S. All gear is guided by the silvery mini scope QHY 30/130 with QHY5II-L camera through PHD2/Kstars by Astroberry (the little black box on middle tripod leg)

So, in parallel with my usual set up made by EOS550d on WO Zenithstar 61, I added the ASI120 to the Svbony SV106 and made all guided by the super excellent mini guide scope ZWO 30/130mm with QHY5 camera.

All are useful results to better understand which gear I have to look at, thus I need to decide among WO Redcat/Astrocat or TS61EDPH.

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