Cimetières des Carmes, Clermont-ferrand

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Clermont-ferrand, Carnet de voyage: Cimetières des Carmes

Watercolor on Arches paper – Procreate

L’articolo Cimetières des Carmes, Clermont-ferrand sembra essere il primo su XIUART.

Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage, Clermont Ferrand

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Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage - mon livre d'or

Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage – mon livre d'or

With a week of delay, I’ve finally rubbed a punch of minutes to write about the most beautiful art event I had the luck to be invited to be part of, the 12th Edition of Biennale of the Carnet de Voyage, named the Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage, which was from 18 to 20th November in the beautiful and peaceful city of Cloermont-Ferrand, not faraway from Lyon.

Claudia and I, accustomed to other artistic and/or cultural event in Italy, was immediately hit by the perfect organization and warm welcome of the Association “Il faut aller voir” in the huge and beauty Polydrome, where the biennale took play. Just think that we also can had a parking for our car without paying nothing…just saying: “hello, this is Stefano Zamblera, I have to expose at the Rendez-vous”… incredible!!!

After a day passed in setting up my stand, number 237 , just few steps from Faravelli’s who had number 232, we then discovered the most famous Creperie in Clermont and have a nice dinner eating any sort of salade and sweet creep, and a delicious icecream!!!

The 1st day of Biennale, many classes of pupils were taken there to visit our stands, and we was literally submerged by boys and girls askin’ me to paint a dragon or a Chuette (°.°)   … a very nice time (lasted all the day!!!) in which it was possible to touch by hand how much could be enveloped the school in the art activities…, and how good are the teachers which get out from class to make pupils breathe the air is in your city; pupils are going to be the citizen of tomorrow,,,ain’t them?

The second and third day of Biennale, we spend many many ours in chatting with people who passed by our stand, asking about the tecniques I used in my paintings, asking for the places I visited and painted, and many many competent questions I was so glad to answer…

I really felt satisfied and stimulate in going on with some works I’ve just thought about, but never dare to invest the few free-time I still have from daily life made of completely different things about art and peindre!!!

Finally I’m so happy to have met in Clermont Marco Pallini [Palmar] as a so good friend and so good artist,,,his watercolors and his book focused on Trabocchi is simply delicious and amazing!!!

I’m so happy to have shared such fantastic days with Stefano Faravelli, master of painting, philosophy, art, and a dear friend!!! Claudia and I were so happy to have met Madame Marie-hélène Puget, with her Carnes Marin she was for us the best artist we discovered here, and we used to love to get to her stand in the so few free-time we had to leave our stand, watching at her incredible style o f painting by ink and crayons!!!

Finally….backing home!!! I have the Guestbook I just prepared for people to sign-up, paint, drawing and make whatever they’dd like to do!!! Just start to work hard and happy for the next Rendez-vous and for the Barcellona event of the Book of Art,,, à bientot!!!

Conclusion: just say…yet another day and yet another time there!!! And I am so happy that many many people which passed at my stand, signed or did something, or just take a look to the guestbook see Sofia Brugnatelli’s portrait and maybe take a look to her “Gli ulissi ebrei”

L’articolo Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage, Clermont Ferrand sembra essere il primo su XIUART.

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