China 2011 – 中国 二零十一年

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Here’s some hundreds of pictures I’ve taken during the summer of 2011 trip to China, mainly developed in Beijing (04 – 12/08) Henan (12 – 23/08) and Shanxi (23 and 24/08)

Pictures are gathered in 3 main albums here listed below, which in turns are sorted in smaller galleries.
I’ll write about this trip in my 中国 2001 – Carnet de Voyage which I began to paint directly in situ and about it I’m still working on. Here’s the best place to write and express about the feelings of such trip!

Beijing 04/08 – 12/08/2011

Henan 12/08 – 24/08/2011

Shanxi 23/08 – 24/08/2011


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