M42 region, SHO palette

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Alnitak and Alnilam region SHO palette

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NGC2549 – 48 millions ly

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NGC2549 (in the middle) and NGC2521 (down right)

Lenticular galaxy, 48 million of lightyears. RGB integration, with R channel made by red and H alpha filter data integration.

Cropped close-up to NGC2549
Annotation of DSO with PGC – Principal Galaxies Catalogue and NGC specification.

NGC1499 California Nebula in HOO palette

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NGC1499 California nebula

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SHO palette from narrowband Ha, Sii Oiii drizzle data integration
Ha Astronomik 1,25″ narrowband filter 129 subframe integration: 16 Gain 200 offset 50, 300sec -20 Celsius, 113 180sec
Sii Astronomik 1,25″ narrowband filter 137 subframes integration, Gain 200, offset 50, 180sec -20 Celsius
Oiii Astronomik 1,25″ narrowband filter 159 subframes integration, Gain 200 Offset 50, 180sec -20 Celsius

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