C/2021 A1 Leonard 30/12/2021

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Comet Leonard C/2021 A1 from iDK Namibia remote telescope, Skygems.

Astrobin: https://www.astrobin.com/w0ah2q/

Very hard but completely stocked within this processing; mosaic is obtained by 4 different kind of imaging, at different binning. BIN2 mosaic in LRGB consisted in 3 framing. one for the comet head, another framing for the middle comet tail, third framing for distal part of comet tail.

Bin1 Luminance set finally integrated within mosaic.

Final star & starless integration in Photoshop, with numerous adjustement layers and pixel fixing needed.

Dataset available for free from Skygem network here: https://forum.skygems-observatories.com/d/104-new-year-present-c2021-a1-data-set

Calibration is not quite easy as Skygems archives missing proper dark for right calibrated masterflat creation.

C/2021 A1 Leonard

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C/2021 A1 Leonard 31/12/2021

Telescopelive: https://telescope.live/gallery/c2021-a1-leonard-0

Astrobin: https://www.astrobin.com/z7rxb0/

Astrometry: https://nova.astrometry.net/user_images/7582376#annotated

C/2021 A1 Leonard, annotations by PixInSight
White Balance values according to PixInSIght > Spectrophotometric Color Calibration

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